Driver Education

Welcome to Arlington’s Driver Education Program

Spring 2021    

Driver Education will begin the week of February 16 and will run through the week of June 14


Driver Education is a 48 hour program consisting of 16 - 1 ½ hr Lecture classes and 16 - 1 ½ hr  Driving sessions.  Why take Driver Education?  Students who take Driver Education are given the tools to understand and follow the rules of the road and to make good decisions so that they will become safe and focused drivers.  85% of those who take Driver Education are deemed safer drivers than those who don’t.  At the completion of the course, students will receive their MV285 which they can use to book their road test.  Once they have passed their road test, they are entitled to receive insurance discounts (depending on your insurance company), and once they are 17, obtain their senior license. 



  1. Unlike traditional Driver Education, the lecture portion of the program will be taught completely online by one of our certified mastered secondary teachers certified to teach Driver Education.  

  2. Students will get a text book and then will attend online classes, complete online quizzes as well as watch videos, presentations and have class discussions; again all in an online setting.

  3. Students will choose to take their Lecture classes Tues, Wed or Thurs( (times TBD).



What is also different, is that you, the parent/guardian, will be given the task of teaching your teen how to drive (physically maneuver the vehicle).  This will include everything from entering the vehicle, understanding the dashboard, adjusting seats, mirrors, etc, to driving on different roads, changing lanes, signaling, accelerating, parallel parking and braking to vehicle inspection, how to fill the tank, how to read and react to road conditions and more.   What we have all come to take for granted, that has become automatic pilot for us, is uncharted waters that you will help your teen navigate.

  1. You, the parent/guardian, will be teaching your student from the ground up.  How to information and online information will be included in your child’s Parent packet. 

  2. You may hire a driving school to teach a few hours of driving lessons, but as you will see in your information packet, there is more than just the physical driving that needs to be reviewed in the driving portion of Driver Education.

  3. You will drive with your student for a minimum of 1 ½ hrs per week which can be broken down to a few mini-lessons.  You will submit your student’s weekly progress information online.  1 ¼ hrs per week (minimum) will go towards their 50 hour minimum driving requirement needed before they take their road test. 



DRIVER ED is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a valid permit.  Before you register to take the course, both student and parent are requested to attend a mandatory ZOOM conference call on Thursday, January 14, from 7 - 8pm, that will detail the rules, regulations and requirements of the Driver Ed program.  Register for Driver Ed Info Zoom: @ for an invitation to attend. 


After the meeting, register @ between January 15 – January 28.

Course Fee:   $125.00 per Arlington student       $165.00 per Non-Arlington Resident student 

Student books and Parent packets will be available for pickup on Thursday, February 11 or Friday, February 12 from 3 – 6pm at the main entrance of AHS.